At Patriot Pool & Spa, we strive to make sure that your pool and/or spa is running smoothly, is free of any damage, and is as clean as possible for you and your family to enjoy. We offer a wide variety of services to suit all of your pool needs.

Weekly Services*

  • Test water
  • Add necessary chemicals
  • Brush tile
  • Brush grout line
  • Brush walls of pool
  • Clean pump basket(s)
  • Clean skimmer basket(s)
  • Clean filter(s)
  • Clean handrail(s)
  • Clean ladder
  • Net pool
  • Vacuum pool and/or spa
  • Wipe waterline (spas)
  • Rinse spa cover
  • Add salt
  • Clean salt cell (if present)

*Some items are done on an as-needed basis

Repair & Installation Services

  • Automation
  • Controllers
  • Filters (Cartridge or D.E.)
  • Heaters (Electric, Gas, or Heat Pumps)
  • LED
  • Lights (12 volt or 12 volt)
  • Portable Spas
  • Pumps (Dual Speed, Single Speed, or Variable Speed)
  • Timers

Stain Removal

All pools will eventually get stains!

We use chemicals to help prevent staining and scaling but the fact is that it is not if a pool or spa will stain or scale, but when.

Additional charges apply for:

Stain removal · Hydration removal

Phosphate treat · Equipment repairs

Discoloration removal

The above services are offered for an additional charge. Prices vary for each type of service and for the severity of each problem.

If you have a salt chorine generator, we recommend that you test and adjust pH at least once between your scheduled weekly service visits.

We will notify you and get approval of any item that the pool technician may see that needs attention, repaired or replaced. We will not perform any work that will cost you money. before we have your approval.

Billing and Additional Services

We bill after services have been rendered at the end of the monthly billing cycle. Customers who are not on our cleaning route will be billed the day the services are rendered.

If your route day falls on a holiday or inclement weather day, and a problem arises, please call us and we will take care of the problem. Otherwise, we will be there on your next scheduled appointment day.

If we are unable to gain access to the property, such as a locked door, there may be an additional charge.

Many customers have their decks and screen enclosures pressure washed.

Typically most of the water and dirt is washed into the pool. If a special trip is requested to clean the pool or spa after the pressure washing has been completed there will be an additional charge.

Cleaning services are billed after services have been rendered at the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Payment for repairs are collected at the time the repair is performed.

Summer Rain

Don’t let the summer weather rain on your parade! Here’s what we can do to keep your pool from overflowing and getting dirty from the summer rain.

  • Your technician will lower the water level on your regular route day if requested by home owner. If you would like to know how to lower the level yourself just ask your technician and they will be happy to show you.

  • The heavy rain will dilute the chemicals. Since we service your pool or spa once a week it may be a good idea to have some extra chlorine on hand to add until we arrive.

  • The rain will push any bugs, debris and dirt through your screen and into your pool. We will clean these up on your regular route day.

  • The rain is also known to cause ants, beetles, etc. to come out of the ground and sometimes they find their way into pools and spas. We will remove them on your regular route day, however you may want to call a pest company to see how to further resolve the issue.

  • The heat of the summer brings the pesky yellow pollen that will float on top of the water and attach to the tile. We will net your pool and clean the tile to remove the pollen on your regular route day.

  • The auto drain is a very slow draining process. After a really heavy rain it could take days to drain back to proper level.

  • Your pool needs to run 8-10 hours a day unless informed otherwise by your technician.

Winter Temperatures

If the air temperature drops below 38 degrees the systems that have freeze protection should turn everything on.

If you are not sure you have freeze protection we suggest turning the system on before you go to bed and allow it to run over night (through the coldest hours) to keep the pipes from freezing.

If you have solar heat you can either leave it on when you turn the pool on so that the water stays circulating or you can shut it off as most solar installations are designed to completely drain the water off the roof of the home after shut off. If in doubt, run your solar heat system.

If your system does not have freeze protection, in many cases we can install one for you.


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