Here is a list of tasks that we recommend that you do in the event of a hurricane.

  • Pool Blankets – If you have a pool blanket on your pool, you should remove it and put it in the garage. Pool blankets can be blown off of the pool and up against the screen enclosure, causing damage to the screen enclosure. If you do not have a screen enclosure, the blanket can be blown elsewhere and possibly causing damage to your or others’ property.

  • Spa Covers – Spa covers should be removed as well and placed in the garage for the same reasons as a pool blanket.

  • Skimmers and Auto Fills – Remove the lids and place inside. These lids can be blown off and become flying objects causing bodily harm and/or property damage.

  • Outdoor Items – Remove outdoor furniture, pool toys, pool floats, pool cleaning equipment, moveable plants, etc from the pool deck and place in the garage. DO NOT put anything in the pool.

  • DrainingDO NOT drain your pool or your spa. Your pool and/or spa can float out of the ground if they are empty. The water in the pool and/or spa is what keeps it from floating out of the ground. If they are emptied, the hydrostatic pressure can cause them to lift out of the ground. If your pool or spa overflows, in most situations, the water will flow onto your decking and out through your deck drain and/or through the screening.

  • Flooding – Should we experience flooding as to where your pool equipment will be under water, turn off breakers to your pool equipment, and turn off the gas valve if you have a gas heater.

  • After the storm passes, and no flooding was evident, remove all debris from your pool or spa, drain to the normal operating level, shock the pool, and then balance your water.

  • If you have any questions or concerns prior to the storm or after the storm passes, call us at (352) 748-0044.